Welcome to Bigg Boss Bazaar!
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  • October 9, 2013
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After playing the role of doctors for the last task, the jannat-wasis have now turned in to marketers. As part of this week’s luxury budget task- aamdani athanni, kharcha rupaiya-, the jahannum-wasis were given the job of minting money that would be used to buy goods from jannat. But the jahannum-wasis, in a bid to win the task, refrained themselves from buying anything from the jannat-wasis.

Seeing this Bigg Boss called Andy to the confession room and told him that the jannat-wasis involvement in the task was less. Coming up with innovative ideas so as to sell their products to the jahannum-wasis, Andy was seen displaying different items near the railings. He took it upon himself and decided to make some money and also add some fun and masti in the task. They were seen singing and dancing on songs like ‘jaane tu ya jaane na’, ‘desi boys’ and ‘naino mein sapna’, entertaining the jahannum-wasis while simultaneously tempting them with bread, milk and protein shakes. To make the songs sound funny and appealing, they were replacing few words in the song with the product they were selling. 

They also staged skits to lure the jahannum-wasis into buying things. In one such skit, Shilpa donned the role of jannat ki devi and was selling things like bread, milk, fruits and other stuff. But even after all this marketing tactics, the jahannum-wasis abstained from buying anything from them thinking that Bigg Boss has given them a hidden task.

Well, all we say is if not actors, the jannat-wasis sure can make for good marketers.

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