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When Mukta found out about Ichcha and Veer's relationship she couldn't help think how to get the two back again. In order to reach Veer she calls him at his place and gets his office details from Amla. Gunwanti shouts on the latter to give away Veer's contact to just anyone and wonders who wanted to talk to her son desperately.

Mukta calls at Veer's office and insists on talking to him. At first, Veer doesn't respond to her calls but as soon she mentions 'Teacherji', Veer calls her to his office. After she leaves, Kanha finds out that Mukta is on her way to meet Veer. In Veer's office, Mukta is about to reveal the truth about Ichcha but Kanha comes and stops her and takes her away leaving Veer perplexed.

There Meethi is sitting alone in a park with a beer can in hand and crying about how she doesn't want to live anymore. That's when Vishnu comes and snatches away the can. Meethi protests but he tells her to stop ruining her life 

and hurting her family people. She questions as to who is he to stop her and that's when he reveals that he's the same guy who had saved her life. 

Later Mukta is on her way back home but her taxi breaks down and the driver goes to look for a mechanic. While Mukta is waiting for the driver, Tej Singh reaches there and immediately falls in love with her. He gets down and offers her to drop her but she gets rid of him and as soon as the driver comes back she leaves from there. When she returns home, Ichcha helps her dry and puts oil on her head and they share a good mother-daughter time. Looking at  this, Damini hopes that one day even Meethi will share such a time with her mother. She talks to Mukta about Veer and Ichcha and breaks down and Mukta is seen consoling her. Looking at all this Meethi feels jealous.

Later Meethi goes out with her friends and at first they urge her to shoplift. When she says no and threatens to reveal them, they trick her into a shoplifting case and stuff jewellery into her bag without her knowledge. The security catches Meethi and when she tries to explain she's innocent they don't believe her but at that moment Vishnu comes in and says he knows who stole and shows the evidence on video. Meethi's friends get arrested and Vishnu leaves Meethi home but her phone is left with him. When she calls he answers and they share a light moment. 

There Tej Singh is convinced that Mukta is the one for him and goes to look for her in her college. Gunwanti comes in to meet Mukta and threatens to spoil her name in public by publishing an article about how she tricked Yuvi into coming in to the hotel room with her if she doesn't stop meddling in Veer and Ichcha's relationship. Mukta gets scared for that moment and decides not to do anything about it. 

In today's episode Yuvi will see Mukta talking to someone in a club and he points her out to Tej Singh. Will the chahca-bhatija jodi harm Mukta in any way? Watch tonight's episode of Uttaran to find out!


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