Weekly Update: Abhay manages to halt custody case (28th Nov to 4th Dec)
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The week begins with the Diwans and Chopras coming face-to-face in court in order to fight the custody of both the Anand. Kunal's mother is seen pleading to Siddhi to not take away their Anand from them and to think about Kunal. Siddhi listens to her patiently and promises to do everything she can from her side.

In court, Thakral comes to fight the case from Abhay's side and the latter informs him that even Siddhi will give testimony against Kunal. We see scenes where Abhay threatens Siddhi to kill Anand (who is on a holiday on a hill station) if she doesn't testify against Kunal. The motto of the case would be to prove that Kunal is financially unstable to support Anand and has a history of gambling and drinking. Thakral is happy to know that Siddhi is on their side and is assured that they would win. Veena tries to convince Seema that Siddhi will help them but the latter asks her not to trust that woman. Looking at her history, she has always backstabbed the Chopras at the most inopportune moments. But Veen says that she has full faith that Siddhi will support them.

The court case begins and Kunal makes in late to court. He is then called to the witness box by Thakral and he asks him questions about his financial staus. He shows proofs, like School fee receipt which is unpaid to prove his point but Kunal justifies that to be a good parent money is not the only thing required and he loves Anand a lot. He will do anything it takes to provide his son his needs. Thakral then taunts him that his older brother has threatened to sto paying for Anand, how will he manage then? Kunal here too tries to justify his brother's words but then Gaurvav gets up and claims the statement false. He goes on to say that Anand is his son too and he would do anything to take care of him and provide whenever needed and is ready to put this down in writing! Kunal looks at his brother with gratitude while Thakral and Abhay fume in anger.

Next Thakral calls in Siddhi to testify against Kunal but at the last moment Siddhi changes her statement and tells the court of how good a father Kunal is. Veena is relieved by Siddhi's statment while Abhay storms out in anger. But the most confused is Kunal as he can't understand why Siddhi would do that for him.

Later as the court adjourns Kunal sees Anand hugging Siddhi and thanking her for what she's done. He is very confused as to how the tables turned and goes home pondering.

Later Abhay is seen talking to Thakral on call and shouting on him to somehow delay the case as he cannot afford to lose Anand. He is so angry with Siddhi's actions that he picks up a photo of Anand and her and cuts her out of it. At Kunal's house everyone discusses about Siddhi's testimony and Seema seems unconvinced and feels that Siddhi ican still prove to be a threat. All this just confuses Kunal more and more and he decides to have a chat with Siddhi directly. Siddhi comes back home and Abhay tries to strangle her and beats her. He is upset that she went back on her words and warns her that he will go to any length to keep Anand. In fact, he in his psychotic mode, tells her that he would not let anyone come clsoe to Anand not even himself. Siddhi gets scared by his statements and demands to know Anand's whereabouts. Her tone of questions pisses off Abhay more and he slaps her. Kunal ,who was on his way to Diwan house, enters and sees Abhay strangling Siddhi. Abhay quickly makes amends and makes it look like he's helping Siddhi. When Kunal enquires about what's going on Abhay takes away his attention by calling it a private moment. Kunal then asks to have a word with Siddhi alone and the two leave the room. Sulekha shouts on Abhay for his behaviour with Siddhi and feels now she would tell Kunal the truth and Anand will be taken away from them. This scares Abhay and he goes to eavesdrop on the two. 

Kunal asks Siddhi as to why she gave  such a statement in court and if this is a game but Siddhi says she only meant it with good intentions. Kunal says he doesn't believe her and he would find out what was her real reason. He then notices scratch marks on Siddhi and remembers Abhay strangling her. He ask her if everything is okay and how she got hurt but she makes some excuses and asks him not to bother. Kunal leaves from there but he feels that something is wrong.

Next day in court everyone is waiting for the verdict but Thakral doesn't make an appearance. After everyone's waited enough for him the judge proceeds to announce judgement but Kunal stops her and asks them to wait it out for Thakral. At that moment Thakral comes in with a fake medical certificate to show that Anand hasn't kept well under Kunal's care.  Kunal refutes the point but somehow Thakral manages to delay the case and manages to buy more time.

Will Kunal lbe able to get the custody of both his sons and prove himself true in the eyes of law. Keep watching this for more updates!


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