Weekly task traps Karishma!
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  • October 28, 2014
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I was very curious to know what would be the weekly task this time, but had no clue that Bigg Boss will throw a googly at the housemates! I was also very confused because nobody in the house received any sandesh from Big Boss this time. But the curious cat inside me was so anxious to see a ‘Telephone booth’ in the garden area! Tring Tring!!! 


Now what was that for? Completely unaware about the phone booth set up I saw housemates wondering here and there with a puzzled look on their faces. However they could sense that it could be related to some upcoming task. Smart people I tell you! After a while, the phone in the booth started ringing and everyone ran to be the first one in order to receive the call. But, it was Karishma who managed to be the first one to receive the call. Little did she know that the messages from the other side were rather disturbing!It took only seconds for her excitement to turn into a trauma. Ok, ok… that was a little bit of exaggeration from my end!


But she did get trapped! So, on the other end, there was a stranger instructing her that she now had to abide by whatever he tells her without hanging up the receiver and moving outside the booth! Ouch! That is tricky! What about nature’s call Mr.Stranger?? Not only that, through this task the other housemates were also targeted secretly and the caller left all the responsibility on Karishma’s shoulders to get things started with the task involving contestants one by one as she would be asked to without actually making others realize that they were being involved!


This one's going to be one hell of a day! 



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