Weekend Ka Vaar: The gorgeous, Mouni Roy to enter the Bigg Boss house tonight and involve the housemates in an interesting task!
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  • December 17, 2017
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We all loved to watch Salman Khan and Mouni Roy yesterday on the Bigg Boss stage and the fun and game the duo became part of!





Tonight, actress Mouni Roy will enter the Bigg Boss house and she will state how she has come to meet them all and know them better, following that will be an exciting task she will engage the housemates in.



In the garden area there will be a tree placed which will have the fruits of Paap (sin) and Dosh (Fault). Then Mouni would pick one board at a time which mentions a trait, Mouni would call out one housemate and ask to denote a person who has that particular trait.





For example Puneesh would be called as the one who gets ‘Krodhit’ (angry) the most in the Bigg Boss house. Shilpa would be called to name a housemate who is the most ‘lobhi’ (greedy), without hesitation she would name Arshi giving her reasons. Puneesh would be called by Mouni to name the person who has ‘Ahankaar’(arrogance) and Puneesh would call out Hina.






But these people who have been tagged by these terms will also get a chance to speak up in their defense!



Are you ready for the same?  Then don’t forget tuning in tonight!

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