Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan questions Priyank if he does everything for camera!
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  • December 16, 2017
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Time has come for yet another Vaar on the housemates. Salman Khan after going through all the happenings in the last week, lines up questions for the housemates in tonight’s episode.

One of the interesting segments would be where the host would ask Priyank if he is doing things on the show for mere footage! This straightaway points at the allegations Vikas made for Priyank. We all saw how the friendship and brotherhood between the duo got badly affected after whatever happened during the last luxury budget task in the Bigg Boss house.

Salman jokingly asked Vikas if he wants to speak on this with Priyank or he wants him to do it! Vikas responded saying he doesn’t know Priyank Sharma!






Answering Salman Khan, Priyank said Vikas has this conception that everyone does things for camera in the Bigg Boss house, as he first targeted Shilpa followed by Hina, Arshi and now him. Basically Priyank wants to say it’s not him but Vikas who does things for camera.

Priyank in his defense says he even apologized for a term he used jokingly which hurt his sentiments but that didn’t change his heart.

This leads to another argument between Priyank and Vikas and the latter even ends up saying that if ever he asked for any help or something else from Priyank  on the show then he is ready to leave the Bigg Boss house right away!

What will be Salman Khan’s reaction this? Watch the episode tonight!

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