Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan asks housemates to decide whether Priyank or Hiten should get evicted tonight!
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  • December 17, 2017
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Something that never ever happened in the history of Bigg Boss will happen tonight on Weekend Ka Vaar!


Salman Khan in a shocking twist will declare that the housemates would discuss and have a mutual agreement to finalize one name out of Priyank and Hiten who should leave the Bigg Boss house tonight!





This will come across as a shocker certainly, as nobody would have ever imagined something like this to happen on the show!


Clearly a big pressure and dilemma for the housemates this will be.


We will also get to see how the housemates would then get into a discussion on positives and negatives of each nominated housemates.





This clearly would also be a test for the gharwaalez who will have to prove their affection, friendship and loyalty towards the one whom they favor the most!



Will these housemates take a firm stand for the one whom they don’t want to leave the Bigg Boss house or they will choose to go with what the majority feels?



Crucial time for Hiten and Priyank tonight! Keep watching!


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