Weekend Ka Vaar: Nominated housemates to count their own votes given by the janta!
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In the semi-finale weekend, each activity that will take place in the Bigg Boss house will be too crucial for housemates!





A new twist awaits  the housemates on the Sultani Akhada too! As Salman Khan welcomes Puneesh and Akash on the Sultani Akhada, he mentions that the face-off between the two would be different from other days. As Puneesh and Akash are tied together in a manner that their backs face each other, Salman instructs that each one will have to face their individual flags. This means if one tries reaching out to his flags the other would be pulled against his own flags.





Finally the crucial moment arrives. Salman Khan announces that the ballet box that contains the votes given by the public during the mall activity would be counted by the nominated housemates themselves. This means that each housemate would count the number of votes they received and mention the count in the card and put it inside the envelope having their individual names. This totally stuns the housemates!





Salman clearly instructs them all not to tell anyone the number of votes they have received until he asks them to do so!





Wouldn’t you want to know the housemates who are the lucky ones tonight and the one who isn’t?





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