Weekend Ka Vaar- Kaun honge BB ke Sitaare?

Weekend Ka Vaar- Kaun honge BB ke Sitaare?

Weekend ka Vaar is always filled with twist and turns.

But this time, a different procedure is followed to deal with the situations. Salman Khan calls the near and dear ones of the contestants who are seen supporting them and speaking up about the problems. We will get to see what is their take on the conflicts prevailing in the house. But will their opinions bring a change in the members?

Further, Ranvijay introduces a new task, BB Ke Sitaare to the members in which though mutual discussion, the pairs have to get rid of the least deserving contenders. The final photos on the wall will be crowned BB Ke Sitaare. However, things change when suddenly friends turn into foes. Will the friendship even survive after this game changing situation?

Lastly, everyone is gearing up for their new task while covering themselves as they will soon get foam sprayed right on their face! The members have to rightly guess what others are talking behind their back. Well, how many of them got it right? Find out tonight..

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