Weekend Ka Vaar: Housemates to be answerable to each other’s friends and relatives!
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  • December 30, 2017
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Tonight it’s time for Weekend Ka Vaar! In an important segment wherein host Salman Khan would be once again inviting housemates’ kins and friends on stage. Through Me Tv, they would also get to interact with the housemates once again!



But the twist this time is that the housemates will have to answer the questions given by those guests.





For example, Vikas who would be seen standing in the witness box would have to answer Rocky (Hina’s boyfriend) that even he snaps and gets cranky whenever he gets nominated, so why he makes the same statement for others in the Bigg Boss house.





Akash’s mother would question Puneesh that during nominations Akash sacrificed his hair when Puneesh wanted to save Bandgi then why he turned his back towards his friends when during one of the times Akash needed his support to be a captain?





Bandgi straightaway asks Hina that when she was in the Bigg Boss house Hina commented saying that because of her (Bandgi) presence Puneesh wasn’t able to perform, and now that she is out of the house then Hina says since Bandgi has left Puneesh performing. Bandgi asks Hina that which statement she should consider as true!



Rocky questions Shilpa that in case she doesn’t win this season then who she sees as the most deserving people in the house to win, Shilpa replies saying since Puneesh and Akash are her closest in the house, she would want one of them to win the show!



Isn’t this activity going to be super rocking?



What will be Salman Khan’s reaction after all these responses are given?



Stay tuned to watch tonight!

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