Weekend Ka Vaar: Housemates tell Salman Khan ‘Vikas has changed ever since Hiten left the Bigg Boss house.’
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  • December 23, 2017
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This Weekend Ka Vaar, host Salman Khan will ask Vikas how a huge difference has been observed in him just in a matter of one week.





The housemates pour in their opinions on this matter, some genuinely others sarcastically.



Hina says this has happened ever since Hiten left the Bigg Boss house, Vikas has become lonely and has suddenly become good friends with Priyank once again.





Puneesh says till the 11th week Vikas had the game under his control, but it slipped in the 12th week. Especially after Akash threw Vikas’s egg in the swimming pool (during last luxury budget task), he got shaken after that incident.



Salman Khan in his witty response says may be Vikas is doing what he actually wants to do!





The housemates discuss with the host that this could be a silence before the storm or may be the light of the diya that flickers before blowing off.



Salman Khan finally asks Vikas to answer this, to which Vikas says that Hiten indeed was very close to him, in fact he used to share few things with him which he doesn’t even share with Priyank. Hiten always helped him to vent out his feelings and made him take things under control during different situations.



Salman says basically after Hiten left the house Vikas’s life changed.



There’s a lot more that’s happening tonight! Stay tuned!

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