Weekend ka pehla vaar!
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  • November 8, 2014
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Who doesn’t know how fine is Mr.Salman Khan when it comes to playing with the words! ( Batting eye lids!) And that’s why we love him. I could not believe when I heard him asking Sonali about which girl in the house is like her sisters in real life and I almost fainted when she said our ‘Lady Di’ who bears a resemblance to one of her sisters!!! 

And nobody else! Omg Sonali so much of love all of a sudden? Sonali also said she would want to become the next captain if she doesn’t get evicted. Although she also shared she doesn’t mind being evicted this week as she is bored and has nothing to contribute to in the house! To which Salman burst out in laughter making fun of the word ‘contribution’ by her! Karishma went speechless when she was questioned about the entire ‘Makeup saga’ in fact she upfrontly hurt Sushant once again telling she is doubtful if Sushant will be safe for the week! Sushi darling you still believe she is innocent? Moving on to  Arya, the snapdeal caller of the week questioned Arya about the pain he was going through, which unfolded the whole week's drama,he was questioned on how was he all fine just on the next day of the task giving all strain on his body? We need an answer Arya! On the other hand Puneet who was holding on his agitation against Diandra becoming captain stated Salman, why he considers her being a misfit for captainship. What was Diandra’s reaction? Which nominees will go safe this week? Don’t miss any of these in tonight’s episode.


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