Week-ends for whom?
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  • November 1, 2014
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The week has given enough setbacks to Mr.G. A lot has happened, which has made him feel exasperated enough. Every one is playing a smart game targeting Gautam in every way possible to make their position safe. But the Big Boss house is one place where every person is shown mirror. Big Boss took the entire incident very seriously and called Gautam, Karishma and Ali to make them realize their strengths and weaknesses, especially when he mentioned that the audience watch the show to see how the person actually is in real life and not reel life. It was quite a reality check for them all! It should certainly affect their behavior going forward. 

So, today we will see how Salman Khan confronts  them. Especially Upen,  who felt that Gautam had taunted him during a task which snowballed into a big fight. Salman felt it was stretched way too much! Upen was seen giving justifications, whereas on the other hand Pritam was questioned why is he now going with majority for any decision and not taking his own stand like before.We will also see a twist in eviction process this weekend,who will be the first one to be safe? Which two contestants will be in danger zone? Who will be praised by Salman and who disappointed him? Don’t miss the action tonight!





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