We our are our biggest competitors: Beat Breakers
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They were the first ones to win the golden buzzer. They came armed with big dreams, a lot of determination and an urge to do something. We are talking about the Beat Breakers. Here is a little chit chat with their teacher, Mithun.


What brought you to IGT?
We use to watch IGT on TV and it was then we decided we would take our skills to this platform. I don’t think a group like ours has made it to the finale yet. We are different and this was the best stage to showcase our skills and let the world know about us.

What keeps you guys so motivated and upbeat?
Oh! I think the kids in our group motivate us. Whenever we are low and tired, the kids cheer us up. They are so determined that I get charged seeing the hard work they are putting in. It’s the bond that we share; it’s what keeps us going.

Who is your favorite judge?
Though all three are our favorite judges, we like Malaika ma’am a bit more, as she gave us the golden buzzer.  While Karan Johar is an amazing judge, we adore Kirron Ma’am for the way she comments and puts her ‘pallu’ in front of her face when we perform.

What are you preparing for the finale?
We are performing on Jai Ho from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. We are yet to finalize the act but we are sure everyone would like it. And hopefully our performance in the finale would be applauded as much as the one in the auditions round.

Who do you think is your toughest competitor?
We ourselves are our biggest competitor. We have to overpower our previous performance and not over shadow someone else’s efforts.

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