We are who we are because of her! Here is a look at some of the mothers on Colors!
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The warmth and comfort of her womb extended even after I gasped for the first breath of air, and continues to surround me even today anywhere and everywhere I go. She asks nothing in return for the tireless nights she spent twisting and turning to ensure that I wasn’t hurt and when I opened my gaze to the ever changing reality, she held onto me even stronger dodging me through life like the lone soldier.

Mother or Ma, as we fondly like to call her is the pillar of strength on which we build our dreams. Her world is ours and she draws her strength from watching us grow. One cannot even imagine the extent of which a mother is willing to go for her child even if that means testing her own boundaries. There’s no one that can compare to her veracity, for her selflessness knows no boundaries. Emulating these very principles of motherhood are our very own Colors stars who have helped shape some of the principle characters on television. As we celebrate the special occasion called Mother’s day today, here’s a look at some of the mothers on Colors.



Dharma: She is very protective of Ashoka and has been seen time and again protecting him from all the negative forces that have been trying to stop him from becoming the king of Magadh.



Tulsi: She never wanted her daughter Aradhya to follow her foot steps and become a devdasi. On Mahant’s arrival to Krishnvati, when Kumudini forces Aradhya to dance, Tulsi intervenes at the last moment and dances on her behalf.



Sharmishta: She has never discriminated between her real daughter Swara and step daughter Ragini. She has been supportive of Swara throughout her stay in the Maheshwari house even when everyone in the house turned against her and when Ragini was trying to draw a wedge between Lakshya and Swara.



Anandi: She has always been a positive force in Anandi’s life. Even when Mangla tried to turn Nimboli against her, Anandi stood her ground and fought to win back her daughter’s affection.

Here’s wishing all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day from the entire team of Colors.

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