Warm up just before the wild card entry!
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  • November 7, 2014
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So we are going to have two new people entering the house today! *Whistles* This is certainly going to make it an ‘Ab kya hoga?’ moment for all. To make it little more attention grabbing, Big Boss thought to conceptualize the entire thing in a sequence of – Comedy, Action, Madness and Drama. Sounds like a typical Hindi movie. No? 

Pritam pressed the buzzer, as the ‘Comedy’ flashed on the board in the garden area, and Omg! out of nowhere the house had black gorillas entering from all possible directions. Relax! those were only crew members in the gorilla suits, who were seen running here and there chasing the housemates. Also, in a funny sight I saw security people trying to move them away! Lol! There were question marks on housemates faces, unable to figure out what was going on?, but eventually they joined in dancing with the gorillas on the popular number ‘Abhi toh party shuru hui hai’.

One of the gorillas lifted Sushi on his shoulders while dancing and just before things were to end dumped him on the ground hahahaha! It hurt Sushi darling’s toe nail and he was telling someone “Yeh comedy tha yaa tragedy,behen!” Trust me it looked more amusing than it sounds!


Catch the exciting episode tonight!


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