Vrajesh is a dheela character!
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  • November 22, 2012
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As the Bigg Boss journey reaches midway, every contestant in the house is definitely showing their true colors. While Rajev is still fighting for his love, the new comer Vishal seems to be the pillion rider in driving most of the politics happening inside the house.

This time around, Vrajesh has caught the eye of the two men inside the house. While Rajev and Vishal were discussing nominations, the two were thinking if everyone they count as their friend will agree with their plan when they zeroed in on Vrajesh. Thinking that he never stays by the side of people he calls his friends, the two starts conversing about how Vrajesh can never be true friends with anyone and how he is a soul less man. According to the two, he plays a game based on the strong contenders in the house and will easily change sides according to whose position is better in the house.

However, the ladies in the house think that Vrajesh is the most entertaining man around. Well, as they say, 'Stones are only thrown at trees full of fruits' and we hope same is the case with Vrajesh.


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