Vivian goes back to his roots
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It can get very difficult for an actor to do a double role which is very different from each other. One moment you are the superstar RK and the next moment you are the ‘Dehaati’ KRK. But for Vivian this has been a not so difficult task till now. Let’s find out what is making Vivian’s life simple while he plays two contrasting characters.
Q. How difficult it is to perform two different characters which are in contrast with each other?

If you see, RK and KRK are very different characters and we have tried keeping it very simple and basic for the audience to understand. If you talk about the language it’s a M.P. dialect and we did that purposely so that it is easier for me to remember the long dialogues as my origin is from that part of the country.
Q. Is it tiring?

Yes, it gets taxing. I have to run from one unit to the other and sometimes mentally to switch off and on between two characters becomes difficult. RK and KRK are two opposing characters and playing them simultaneously can get tiring. But it is fun too and as an actor I am enjoying it.
Q. How are the reactions from your fans and others over your double role?

It has been positive till now and I would like to thank everyone for liking me. I am working really hard and especially when you have to play two characters it can get a little too much. But overall it’s turning out to be a good experience.
Q. What is the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is basically you have to remember a lot in terms of style, dialect and mannerisms. So I have to remember the way RK talks or walks and then similarly do the same for KRK. Sometimes it becomes difficult.
Q.How easy or difficult it is to switch between the two roles?

Initially it was tough but then slowly it starts getting in to your system and then you become used to it. Like I said, the dialect is usually the toughest part but since I am also from Ujjain and KRK is also shown from the same place so I kind of knew the dialect and that made things easy. Slowly I even picked up on the mannerisms and now I don’t take time in switching roles.


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