Vishnu’s past is revealed! Weekly Update – 3rd Jan to 9th Jan
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In the beginning of the week we saw Tapasya searching for Veer’s medicine in Gunwanti’s room. While she’s looking around, Amla comes in and informs her that the medicine is always kept in a drawer and the keys are with Gunwanti. Tapasya then makes a plan to get the keys by taking Amla’s help. Watch here to know how Tapasya got the keys.

Meethi receives a card from Vishnu and while she’s away Mukta tries to inspect Vishnu’s handwriting with the cheque she had seen the other day. Meethi but sees her reading her personal card and gets suspicious. Next day, Mukta goes to Vishnu’s house to find evidence against him but at that moment Meethi enters and catches her red-handed. Both have an argument and Meethi blames her for trying to get close to Vishnu. Watch their heated conversation in this video.

In Bundela house, Amla tries to keep Gunwanti busy at lunch while Tapasya manages to get her hands on the medicine. She replaces it with sugar and wonders if this would help Veer regain his memory. At that moment, Gunwanti shown approaching her room. Watch here to know if Tapasya managed to escape on time.

Meethi reaches home and complains to everyone about Mukta’s actions. She comments how Mukta is trying to steal Vishnu away from her, just like Tapasya had done years ago with her mother Ichcha. This infuriates all and Damini scolds Meethi to keep quiet. When Jogi asks Mukta to answer if this is true, Mukta chooses to stay mum. Watch as Meethi blamed Mukta for her mother’s actions.

Vishnu comes to know from Meethi that Mukta has been showing too much interest in him. This puts him on alert and we see him trying to hide his real passport. The scene then goes into flashback and we get to see the true identity of Vishnu. It is shown how Vishnu is actually Avinash’s son, who Ichcha had killed years ago. Watch Vishnu’s past in this video.

Nani calls up Tapasya in order to tell her all the drama that ensued on her daughter. But Mukta snatches the phone away and asks her mother to meet her in the mall where she’s going to shop with Divya and Jogi Thakur. Once in the mall, Mukta calls Tapasya inside the saree shop and hides in a corner. Divya feels Tapasya’s presence and when she turns around she sees her daughter at the counter. Watch mother-daughter’s reunion in this video.

Thakur family plans Meethi and Vishnu’s honeymoon and asks him to give his passport for ticket booking. This puts Vishnu in tension and he lies about not having one. Kanha asks him for his id so a passport can be made for him. Watch as Vishnu tries to evade the matter.


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