Vishnu has 15 days to divorce Meethi! UTTARAN WEEKLY REVIEW 30th Sept TO 3rd Oct
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Last week closed on a sad note where we saw Surubhi being rushed to the hospital as her condition was deteriorating. Meethi informs Akash about his sister’s condition and on the other hand Vishnu tries to mend things with Mukta.

The week started with Vishnu and Mukta having a discussion about their past. Where Vishnu wants her to be friends, Mukta doesn’t want to keep any kind of relation. 

Doctor informs Kanha that either his wife or his child could be saved. With much thought Kanha asks the doctors to save his wife. The whole family is by his side in this tough time. By the time Akash arrives the doctors inform that Surubhi has delivered a baby boy but is herself very critical and everything that happens would be god’s will.

Surubhi is then shifted to ICU, where Kanha apologizes to her for all the wrong deeds that he has done. Later even Akash walks in to have a conversation with his sister, Surubhi breathes her last by saying she wants to see Akash and Meethi together. The whole family is left in shock with the sudden demise of Surubhi. Maiyaa and Agarth walk in, while Agarth is in tears to see his daughter this way, Maiyaa blames Damini and Meethi for this. 

Back in the jail, Rathore gets into an argument with the fellow jail mates. They were passing comments which ignited Rathore’s temper and he throws kicks and punches on them.

Kanha and Akash bid the final goodbye to Surubhi. But there also Maiyaa doesn’t miss a chance to curse Rathore and blames him for the situation they are in. Akash confronts Maiyaa and asks why is she doing all this and making everyone suffer for the deeds that they haven’t even done. Akash makes her realize that it is her aggression that will make her repent in the near future.

Back in Bundela house Mukta goes to meet Vishnu to complete the conversation that they started in the hospital. She asks Vishnu if his love for her was true or something else.  When Vishnu confirms that he is still in love with her but has no other choice than to spend the rest of his life with Meethi, Mukta puts in a shocking condition in front of him. Mukta tells Vishnu that he has 15 days to divorce Meethi and re-unite with her and if he fails to do so, than that would be the end of their relationship and her life.

Meethi sees Mukta crossing days in the calendar and comes to know what must have happened between her and Vishnu. She goes back to Vishnu and asks him what he has decided.  Unable to answer Vishnu leaves.

Later in the night it is shown that Meethi and Vishnu are having a quiet dinner, when Akash marches in, completely drunk and brings in a girl along with him.

Is Akash doing all this to make Meethi realize her mistake? What will Vishnu do in these 15 days that he has in hand?


Stay tune to know what will happen in Meethi’s and Mukta’s life.

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