Vikas tries to flee away from the Bigg Boss house!
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  • November 3, 2017
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Just the last episode we saw Bigg Boss trying to make an upset Vikas understand to stay strong and not take any drastic step, after Vikas escaped from the jail. Bigg Boss even called Shilpa and asked her not to make any personal comments on someone’s life or profession as part of a rule. Shilpa apologized to Bigg Boss and assured him she wouldn’t do that.





However, Shilpa wouldn’t give up on Vikas. Once again as Vikas got back to the jail Shilpa and Akash started taunting and annoying Vikas through different ways.






This was it! Vikas decided he wouldn’t live in the house anymore where someone is making his life so miserable; he declared he cannot cope with such kind of a torture anymore.






Vikas tried to escape from there right at that moment. He tried climbing up the roof and abscond.


What happens next? Will Vikas actually leave the Bigg Boss house and go?



Watch everything in tonight’s episode!


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