Vikas & Shilpa’s reconciliation irked Akash on Bigg Boss 11, read to know why!
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On last Weekend Ka Vaar we saw how Shilpa and Vikas reconciled after the latter saw Shilpa weeping alone. Vikas encouraged Shilpa saying she is a strong woman and she should remain that way. Vikas also added saying he doesn’t like weak Shilpa, rather he wants to see her as one woman who keeps the entire Bigg Boss house together which she has been doing till date.





Shilpa replied saying she will be fine but even Vikas should remain the same and not behave badly.


Seeing the two reconcile, things didn’t go down too well with Akash. Akash showed his agitation on this, he said the two can go to any extent to win the show. He also added that they both are doing these things for footage.





Akash remained unstoppable as he talked, he said both Shilpa and Vikas know that they’ve been caught hence none of them is uttering a word and that their truth is out in front of everyone in the Bigg Boss house.





Puneesh supported Akash saying the duo fist showed hatred followed by friendship and love.


Shilpa even approached Akash, but Akash said that now she will just be a formal friend to him.


What will eventually be Shilpa and Vikas’s response? And what irked Akash?


Do watch the drama unfold tonight.

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