Vikas and Hina get into an argument with Shilpa on Bigg Boss 11.
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  • January 8, 2018
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The argument began after Hina discovered that Shilpa has already cooked something she said earlier she wouldn’t and later she cooked it without informing. Shilpa said she cooked because she felt like.





Shilpa further said she also made parathas, to which Vikas interrupted and said it wasn’t her but he who made the parathas. Shilpa said she was the one who did the stuffing bit and Vikas gives reasons why she had to do it.



Vikas and Hina who already seemed miffed with Shilpa got into a debate with her. Shilpa told Hina that she made parathas for Hina in the morning which was still kept.





Hina taunted that Shilpa makes extra so that the people can have stale food next day, Shilpa sarcastically responded saying “Yes, people have been eating stale food all this while.”





Hina also said that there is a change in behavior of Shilpa as the season is about to end.


The fight doesn’t end here. Wouldn’t you want to know what happens next?


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