Vidya Balan, Gautam Gulati and Mandana Karimi on Weekend ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 10!
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Tonight, there’s a lot on Weekend ka Vaar to look forward to. The super talented actress Vidya Balan will bring in with her some exciting twists to Bigg Boss 10. To know what these twists are, you will have to tune in to Bigg Boss 10 tonight at 9PM!


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And then, guess who will join Salman Khan to give the contestants a piece of their mind? Bigg Boss 8 winner and a heartthrob of many, Gautam Gulati and the beautiful Bigg Boss 9 finalist Mandana Karimi visit the Bigg Boss set and chat with the housemates.


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Here’s what they have to say to them…


Mandana criticizes Gaurav about being image- conscious. She points out that Gaurav continuously tells Bani to ‘Watch what she’s saying’. To which Gaurav responds saying that he is in front of a camera and that he has a certain image. So he will always try and maintain it till the end of the show. Mandana then says that he comes across as rather boring. Gautam adds that Bani is putting her heart in the game.


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Will this reprimanding from Mandana make Gaurav change his stand in the house? What are the twists that Vidya Balan is talking about? For all this and a lot more, tune in tonight to Weekend ka Vaar on Bigg Boss 10 at 9PM!

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