Veer V/S Jai!
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  • August 21, 2020
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Last week on Naagin Season 5, we heard Veer speaking about Noor spending the night with him. She is embarrassed and that’s when Jai steps in to protect Noor and her dignity. Bani who is standing there and hearing it all also stands up for Noor too. Tomorrow, when Bani faces Veer to retaliate, Veer is smitten by her beauty. Things get worse which leads to a fight between Jai and Veer. Watching Jai take a stand brings a smile on Bani’s face which makes Veer week in the knees.


Later, we see Balwant Singhania, Veer’s father worrying about Veer’s whereabouts when all the cousins along with Veer show up, thus revealing the entire cheel clan. Balwant talks to Veer about his concern of him roaming about in daylight. A flash of when Veer was a child and had found out about him being an icchadhari cheel plays in front of them. – Balwant tells Veer how he is still scared of his curse. Veer tells him about Bani. He continues telling him about how he was ready to get hit only because seeing him getting hit made Bani smile.

With the same scenarios repeating itself after years, how will things pan out going forward? Tune in to Naagin Season 5 tomorrow at 8 pm sharp!

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