Veer regains his memory! (Weekly Update: 14th to 20th Dec)
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The week began with Vishnu asking Meethi’s hand for marriage. Ichcha and Damini gladly accepted the proposal and gave in their permission. Watch Vishnu’s proposal in this video.

In Bundela house, Veer has flashbacks of Ichcha and slowly he remembered everything. He remembered how Ichcha made a huge sacrifice for him and how he failed to recognize her even after meeting several times. But he is more hurt by the fact that Mai lied to him about Ichcha and portrayed her as a bad woman. He then decides to bring back Ichcha to the haveli with full dignity. Watch as Veer finally gets back his memory!

In order to find a proof against Tej Singh, Tapasya was seen teasing Chanda and trying to get out information from her. She pretended to be in love with Tej Singh and raging in jealousy Chanda confronted Tej Singh. She threatened to reveal his truth about Daddaji in front of others and blurted about having another tape as proof. Watch as Tapasya gets closer to solving the mystery.

Meethi goes to look for Vishnu in the temple and gets shocked when she hears a voice coming from God’s idol. But soon she figures out it is Vishnu who is playing a prank on her and she too acts along. Watch Vishnu and Meethi share a light moment in this video.

After Meethi leaves, we see Vishnu revealing his true intentions and how he plans to take revenge from Meethi and her family and his motive is only to destroy them. Watch as Vishnu shows his true face right here!

Next day, we see Tapasya trying to strike a deal with Tej Singh. She promises to stay out of his way if he lets her complete her mission. Watch what Tej Singh said in reply.

While Tapasya is having that conversation, we see Divya and Ichcha reminisce about the good times spent with Tapu and how both miss her. Watch their conversation in this video.

Later in the day, Vishnu comes to meet Meethi and ends up having a conversation with Mukta. She enquires about his family and friends and soon realizes that he is trying to hide some thing. Watch as Vishnu tries to cover up in front of Mukta in this video.

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