Veer is set to take revenge?
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  • September 18, 2020
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Tonight on Naagin Season 5, we learn that Bani has actually killed Teer and her enemy Veer is actually alive. Veer enters the place and is shocked to see Teer’s dead body there. He cries and curses Bani for killing an innocent man and angrily questions her about her reasons for doing so. Bani shocked to see Veer there tells him how she thought Teer was him. She breaks down and tells Veer that she killed him because he killed her love, Jai. Bani is equally shocked with what happened. A broken Veer warns Bani to be prepared for the worse to come, now that she killed his twin brother who was innocent. Veer does a small ritual and closes Teer’s eye. He then ties Bani and himself together with her dupatta and takes her with him. Veer then puts Teer’s body in a coffin and puts fire around it.

Later, Veer takes Bani to his house where everybody is shocked to see Veer with Bani. On questioning more, Veer tells them that he will be marrying Bani. He hides the truth about Teer’s death from his family. Bani, on the other hand, is trying to figure how Veer and the existence of his twin brother as in the satyug there wasn’t any twin brother. She thinks to herself if this is yet another evil plan of his. Later, Veer marries Bani as a start to her punishment for what she did to his brother. He puts ash in her maang instead of sindoor and puts a chain around her neck instead of a mangalsutra as a symbol of what this marriage is going to be for her.


What next? Will Bani find answers to her questions? Tune in to Naagin tonight at 8 pm to know more.

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