Vasu uses Megha to save himself from a bullet: Na Bole Tum-2 Recap 24th-30th July
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After Mohan’s fall from the cliff, Megha and Rimjhim came to Mumbai to look for Rimjhim’s birth mother, and landed up in Ganesh Chawl, where Megha started staying as a paying guest with the Vaidya family. (Watch as Megha gets a place to stay)

Megha found out that she would have to share her room with their daughter Ruku, which irked Rimjhim. Later, Megha bumped into Ruku, and had an altercation with her over the common water tap. (Watch Megha’s first encounter with Ruku)

Megha saw a guy being betaen up, and when she tried to save him, got her first glimpse of Vasu Bhau, a local don as he broke the guy’s arm for attacking his aide. She was shocked to see that he looked exactly like Mohan. (Watch as Megha sees Vasu for the first time)

In the Mahasangam episode, Vasu first refused to help Kishan (Sanskaar) but then helped him track his wife Bhoomi and also saved them from the clutches of Amritlal. (Watch the scene here)

Meanwhile, Megha was lost in Vasu’s thoughts and was wondering how the don could be her Mohan. Her thoughts were interrupted by Ruku’s entry, who got into an altercation with Rimjhim and Megha over the room. But when Megha heard Vasu’s name from Ruku, she was stunned. (Watch the exchange here)

Vasu was playing in the mud with kids, and Ruku interrupted the game to complain about Vasu not paying any attention to her, leading to her being dragged in the mud. (Watch the scene here)

Aai washed Vasu’s mud off him, all the while asking him not to be reckless and get forgiveness for breaking the guy’s hand, but Vasu brushed her concerns aside, and they left for the mandir installation in their chawl. 

On the other hand, Megha wanted to meet Vasu as she was asked to contact him if she wanted information about Naina, Rimjhim’s mother. 

At the puja, Vasu, Aai, Ruku and her family did the puja, and Vasu forgave the guy whose arm he had broken, which Megha saw. (Watch as Megha’s paths cross Vasu’s)

While Vasu was distracted by Megha’s thoughts on one hand, Megha came to know that Ruku was the only way to reach Vasu, and decided to approach her. The next day, Megha requested Ruku to make Vasu meet her, and as payment for that, Ruku made Megha fill water for her as the women of the chawl watched. 

On the way to Vasu’s house, Megha enquired about Vasu, and was told by Ruku that he was Ganesh Chawl’s god, who had been staying there for a long time. One they were at the house, Ruku got busy in serving Vasu and Aai, while Megha waited outside. 

Megha read an article about Vasu in the paper, and when Vasu came out, she imagined him to be Mohan, and reached out to touch him. But the spell was broken when the man Vasu had punished pulled a gun at him. Vasu immediately grabbed Megha as a shield. (Click here to watch the scene

When Vasu’s attacker threatened to shoot Megha, Vasu announced that he didn’t care if she was hurt. The attacker shot at the duo, which made them fall behind a bed, and Vasu used this opportunity to distract the attacker and overpower him. Megha, who was already shocked by the turn of events, was even more shocked when Vasu pointed the gun at the attacker. Megha screamed at Vasu not to kill him, and surprisingly, Vasu spared the man’s life and turned towards Megha. (Watch the scene here)

Now that Megha and Vasu’s paths have crossed, how will their lives change from here on?

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