Vasu proposes Ruku after Megha’s refusal! Na Bole Tum-2 Recap 14th-21st August
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Vasu and Rimjhim had a fun moment when Rimjhim imitated him in front of his men, which amused Vasu no end. Just as Sridhar found out about Vasu having no documents from two years ago, Megha asked him about Rimjhim. Megha was shocked when Rimjhim came home covered in mud, and warned Vasu to stay away from them. (Watch the scene here)

Vasu helped Megha in finding out details about Naina, but Megha stormed off from there, and refused to talk to Vasu. (Watch the scene here)

Megha tried to point out the difference between Mohan and Vasu to Rimjhim, when Bala came and gave vada pao to Rimjhim, which Megha rejected. Bala accused Vasu of being in love with Megha when Vasu refused to punish a young boy who professed his love for a girl. After tying a rakhi to Sridhar, Megha took a bus to get more information on Naina. Vasu protected her from the crowds on the bus and also got the government official to help Megha. (Watch the scene here)

Megha left without talking to Vasu, but was stopped by Aai who asked her to stay away from Vasu. Ruku also tried to get Megha off Vasu’s mind, but he ignored her.

When Rimjhim came to meet Vasu, he tried to get information about Megha from her, only to have Megha come and yell at him for being a bad influence and taking Rimjhim away. (Watch the scene here

Bala tricked Vasu into meeting a police inspector, and then called him in panic, saying that there was something wrong with Megha. Vasu rushed back home on his bike, and when his bike stalled, ran all the way home, only to find Megha alright. (Watch the scene here)

Bala concluded that Vasu was in love, and asked him to confess it to Megha, earning a slap from Vasu. Megha consoled Rimjhim when she was sad about Mohan, and Rimjhim vowed that she would never leave her.

Ruku returned the shagun bangles to Aai, and asked her to face the truth. On the other hand, Vasu realized his love for Megha, but was disappointed when Megha ignored him at the chawl. (Watch the scene here)

Sridhar continued to dig into Vasu’s past, and tried to find his village roots. While Aai was feeding Vasu, he suddenly told Bala that he was right, which made Bala run out and announce to everyone that Vasu was in love. Vasu imagined Megha reciprocating his love, but when his daydream broke, he joined Bala in his celebratory dance and also asked Ruku to help him in talking to Megha. (Watch the celebration here)

At night, when Megha was looking for Rimjhim, Vasu caught hold of Megha and confessed his love for her, and asked her what she felt. Megha could not hide her disgust at Vasu’s proposal, and rudely rejected his love, causing Vasu to have an angry fit. (Watch the scene here)

Megha was upset about the proposal, and even Vasu vented his anger by breaking stuff and yelling at Bala. Ruku asked Megha to think about Vasu’s proposal as he was the best person around. When Chakradhar berated Megha in front of Vasu, he tried to hit him, which shocked Aai. Vasu came back to reality and vowed not to disappoint Aai. 

Chakradhar Mama instigated Aai against Vasu, but Aai asked him to leave when Sridhar started talking about Mohan and Vasu’s connection. Aai took Sridhar to the warehouse to talk about the subject.

While Megha, Ruku and Jyotibha were standing in the queue for water, Vasu came up to them and announced a marriage proposal. Megha was shocked as she thought it was for her, but Vasu clarified that he was referring to Ruku. (Watch the scene here)

Ruku was overjoyed and hugged him, after which they went to Aai to tell her the news. Aai was very happy when she came to know of Vasu’s decision, and decided to start the wedding preparations. Ruku was concerned that Vasu was marrying her out of pity, but Vasu convinced her otherwise. 

Megha found out that Sridhar hadn’t returned home, and later Aai offered her sweets with the announcement that Vasu was marrying Ruku.

Rimjhim was upset about Vasu marrying Ruku when he was already married to Megha, but Vasu refused to take back his decision. (Watch the scene here)

Megha got the information about Naina from the concerned official, thanks to Vasu, but was angry when Vasu came there and pinned her hand down. He also gave his wedding card to the official, indirectly telling Megha that he was getting married to Ruku. (Watch the scene here)

With Vasu all set to marry Ruku, will Megha be affected by this? And will the mysterious connection between Mohan and Vasu be solved?

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