Vasu on the verge of finding his true identity: Na Bole Tum-2 Recap: 22nd-27th August
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Megha left from the office in a huff, and had an argument with Vasu about his decision to marry Ruku. Megha stormed off after telling him that she wasn’t affected by his wedding, and stormed off, only to hit a car and fall unconscious. (Watch the scene here)

Vasu took her to the hospital and when he saw Mohan’s photo in her purse, he trid to look like him, but gave up and decided to help Megha with her search for Naina Bhosle. He accompanied Megha to Naina’s house, where Megha found out that Vasu was in Mumbai only for the last 2 years. 

Bala had a confrontation with Ruku about her wedding to Vasu, and then he barged into Naina’s house and tried to convince Vasu not to marry Ruku as he loved Megha. (Watch the scene here)

Vasu shared his helplessness about Megha to Bala but Bala asked him not to lose hope. Then Vasu went to meet Rimjhim, and the two had a heartfelt conversation about Vasu being her Paapu. When Rimjhim complained about Vasu not being around, he tied a bell to his house connected to a string outside Rimjhim’s house, asking her to ring it whenever she needed him. (Watch the scene here)

Megha was shocked when Rimjhim told her about the bell, remembering how Mohan had done the same for Nanhi.

Megha went to ask Aai about Naina Bhonsle, and walked right into Vasu and Ruku’s engagement ceremony. Vasu saw her there but still went ahead with the engagement, asking Ruku to place the ring in his little finger when the ring didn’t fit. (Watch the scene here)

Aai was shocked when Megha asked her about Naina Bhonsle but said that she didn’t know anyone by that name. Disheartened, Megha went back to Naina’s place to look for clues where she found a letter from Vasu to Naina which was written in Marathi ten years ago. Meanwhile, Aai went to Manor and burned all of Mohan’s possessions, including his clothes and watch, and was satisfied that Mohan’s identity had been wiped out and she had created her own Vasu. 

Vasu ran to Rimjhim’s place when he heard the bell ringing, but Megha came to him and handed him the letter he had written. Vasu declared that he couldn’t read and write Marathi so Bala read the letter, which said that Vasu had broken off all relations with Aai, and refused to hand over the property to her, which shocked Vasu no end. 

Vasu asked Mama about Naina Bhonsle, but when he denied having any information about her, went back to Naina’s place to look for more clues. Megha found property papers belonging to Vasu in the house, and Vasu’s signature didn’t match the ones in the document, frustrating Vasu even more. 

Meanwhile, Aai was instigated by Mama about Vasu, and Aai went to Naina’s place to look for them, but couldn’t find anything. Vasu and Megha decided to go to Manor to search for Naina, and Vasu asked Bala to talk to Ruku. Bala told Ruku about the possibility that Vasu was not really Vasu. While leaving the place, Megha prayed to God that her hopes come true, and imagined that Mohan was at the wheel of the car, asking her to join him.

Will Vasu's true identity change Megha's life? WIll Vasu and Megha be able to unearth the truth before it's too late?

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