Vasu is Megha’s Mohan! Na Bole Tum-2 Recap 28th Aug-3rd Sep
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Megha and Vasu reached Vasu’s house in Manor where Megha quizzed him about his childhood and other details. Vasu couldn’t answer most of the questions, and only knew what Aai had told him. 

Mama told Ruku that her wedding was in two days, but Ruku, who suspected that something bad had happened to Sridhar, decided that she would not get married without her father present.

Aai kept Sridhar captive and tried to bribe him to keep his mouth shut, but when he refused, she pretended to let him go, but instead ran him over with her car. 

When Megha found Vasu’s photos and certificates planted by Aai, Vasu accused her of looking for Mohan in him and instigating him against Aai, which made Megha cry. 

Meanwhile, Aai was shocked when Rimjhim told her that Megha had gone to look for her mother, Naina Bhonsle. When Vasu found out that Megha had brought Rimjhim to meet her real mother, he asked her about the possibility of Rimjhim going back to her real mother; Megha said that she was not afraid as she loved Rimjhim dearly. 

While leaving, Vasu’s car refused to start and while Vasu was fiddling around with the engine, Megha imagined Mohan coming back to her, but her reverie was broken when Vasu asked her to accompany him to get water. The lady who gave them the water asked Vasu how he was as she had seen him grievously injured 2 years ago, but refused to give any more details. (Watch the scene here)

Ruku and her mother were called by Aai and asked to get ready as the wedding would happen the next day. Aai also locked up an injured Bala when he tried calling Vasu back. 

On their way back, Megha and Vasu saw an injured Sridhar lying on the road, and helped him. On reaching Vasu’s house, Megha and Vasu revealed that Sridhar was recovering at home, and Vasu also confronted Aai about the letter that Vasu had written to Naina Bhonsle 10 years ago. Aai created a big scene about saving Naina’s life from her abusive husband, and not saying anything to protect her image. 

Vasu ordered Megha to leave but Megha still asked Aai where Naina Bhonsle was. Just then, Naina Bhonsle entered and shocked Megha by revealing that the letter had been written by her brother who was also named Vasu Rajvardhan. She also told Megha why she had abandoned her daughter, after which Vasu asked her not to create any more problems. 

Vasu then followed Megha out with Naina where Naina pleaded with Megha to let her meet Rimjhim, but Megha requested her to let her prepare Rimjhim for the meeting first. Vasu then taunted Megha if all her doubts were answered, and asked her never to meet him again. 

Ruku and her mother left Sridhar in Mama’s care and Mama too the opportunity to silence Sridhar forever. Just as Mama was suffocating Sridhar to death, Vasu, Bala and Ruku came in, and Bala beat Mama till he confessed that it was all Aai’s plan. Sridhar then made the shocking revelation that Vasu was in fact Mohan, who Aai had kept as Vasu after his fall. 

On the other hand, the fake Naina Bhonsle took away Rimjhim inspite of Megha and Rimjhim’s protests, and Megha ran after her car in vain. 

Aai sent her driver to run over Megha, but Megha was saved by Vasu in the nick of time. Vasu was still reeling under Sridhar’s revelations and remembered all his times with Megha, but Megha referred to him as Mohan and asked him to rescue Rimjhim, which broke Mohan’s heart even more. 

Will Vasu come to terms with his new identity? Or will Aai succeed in keeping him as Vasu?

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