Vasu becomes Rimjhim’s Paapu! Na Bole Tum-2 Recap 7th-13th August
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After Ruku accused him of being in love with Megha, Vasu shooed her away and started putting together the pieces of Megha’s torn sketch, and was shocked when he saw that the drawing was of his face. (Watch Vasu’s reaction here

Megha left the chawl with Rimjhim and waited at a bus stop, but was stuck in torrential rain. Vasu, looking for answers about the sketch, ran into Sridhar who was looking for Megha to return her deposit money. Vasu took the money and went out in search of Megha, and finally found her and a very sick Rimjhim on the bus stop. Vasu returned the money but Megha didn’t let him near Rimjhim inspite of Rimjhim calling out to him. But when Rimjhim fainted, Vasu carried her in search of a doctor, much to Megha’s shock. (Watch the scene here)

On not finding a doctor, Vasu took Rimjhim home, which angered Aai, and she didn’t let Megha inside the house. Aai wanted Rimjhim to be thrown out, but Vasu prevailed upon her and let Rimjhim sleep in the house. (Watch as Vasu convinces Aai)

Meanwhile Ruku found Megha and Mohan’s photo in Megha’s purse, and was upset about it. Vasu gave Rimjhim a special concoction to reduce her fever, and assured Megha that Rimjhim would be better soon. Later, he offered tea to Megha while she was outside his house, and confronted her about her husband looking like him. Megha refused to answer, but was shocked when Vasu announced that he would smash his face to reduce Megha’s suffering. (Watch the scene here)

Vasu also told Megha that he would help her look for what she wanted. When Rimjhim woke up, she was all the more convinced that Vasu was her father, and finally Vasu allowed her to call him ‘Paapu’.

Mama used this opportunity to instigate Aai against Vasu, and Aai’s anger was fuelled when Vasu announced that Megha would live in the chawl with Rimjhim. On Rimjhim’s insistence, Vasu also picked her up and took her home, followed by Megha. Vasu threatened Jyotibha to treat Megha well, which scared Jyotibha no end. (Watch the scene here)

Vasu was pleasantly shocked when Megha thanked him for his help, but all his good humour vanished when Ruku asked him about his affair with Megha. Vasu denied loving Megha, which made an angry Ruku vow that she would teach Megha a lesson.

The next day, Megha dreamt about Mohan and Vasu with Rimjhim, and while she was dealing with this puzzling dream, she was confronted by Aai and Ruku, who questioned her about her photo with Mohan. Ruku created a scene when Rimjhim said the man in the photo was her father, but Megha, with Vasu’s help, convinced Aai that it was her husband Mohan. She also showed him Mohan’s driving license, which convinced Aai but left Ruku bewildered. (Watch the scene here)

Vasu asked Aai if he had ever been away from her to have an affair with Megha, and finally Aai asked Ruku to apologize to Megha. Vasu met Rimjhim, who hugged him enthusiastically as she was scared of Aai, but Vasu consoled her, saying that she would learn to love Aai. Vasu and Rimjhim happily ate the vada pao that Vasu had gotten, making Megha remember Mohan again. (Watch the scene here)

Aai invited Megha home for lunch or tea as a means of apology, but Vasu asked her not to apologize. Mama was intrigued by Vasu and Mohan’s resemblance and tried to get more information about Mohan from Sridhar. Later, Baala teased Vasu about Megha, and ended up getting his arm twisted. But when Ruku quizzed Vasu, he refused to deny his affair, which made Ruku very angry. She doused herself with kerosene and threatened to light herself on fire. Just as Vasu was scaring her with a lit match, he saw Megha and dropped the match, which gave Ruku the impression that he loved her. 

Aai welcomed Megha into the house and showed her old pictures of Vasu to clear her confusion, but Megha asserted that she had no wrong impressions. Aai then hinted to Megha that she was unhappy about Rimjhim calling Vasu Paapu and treating him like a father, and subtly warned her to make Rimjhim stay away from Vasu, and also back off before Vasu’s sympathy for Megha turned to love.

Mama was puzzled about Aai’s behaviour, and decided to investigate the connection between Mohan and Vasu.

Will Vasu’s increasing fondness for Megha and Rimjhim help them towards their goal, or will it create more problems for Megha?

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