Vasant’s death shocks the family
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  • July 18, 2014
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Grief has struck Jaitsar haveli with the shocking news of Vasant’s sudden demise. Just when everyone in the family was relived and joyous and hoping for a happy phase after Gulli’s marriage with Hardik, paradise has hit rock bottom.

Recently, we saw how in an incident, Dadisa confronted Gehna about her missing bindi and warned her about the same. Little did we know that this is just a glimpse of what the future beholds. In the coming episodes you will see Vasant losing his life in a tragic accident in an attempt to save Dadisa.

Dadisa who will be waiting for Vasant, ignoring a speeding truck coming towards from behind. Vasant will spot the vehicle and  dive out of his jeep to save her life. He will push Dadisa aside and hit the heavy weight vehicle head-on. While Dadisa will suffer some minor injuries Vasant  will get injured severely. He will be rushed to a hospital where Jagya will inform everyone about his sad demise.

Meanwhile, Gehna will be seen preparing Vasant’s favorite meal to please him, but will see his dead body arriveing at the haveli. Jagya, who looks upto his tausa, after his parents went abroad, will be left devastated.

How will the family overcome this loss?  Keep checking this space for more updates.

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