Vardaan Snaps At Devanshi!
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Kusum and Mohan have have set their plan in motion and it seems that things are working out for them as Mohan continues to create more misunderstandings between Vardaan and Devanshi. Devanshi has been trying to catch the person responsible for the theft of the temple money but Mohan is always one step ahead as he continues to take advantage of the situation to drive a wedge between the couple.


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Devanshi’s determination to catch the thief forces her to lie to Vardaan about being at the temple which causes Vardaan to lose his cool and suspect that Devanshi might be cheating on him. Things escalated even further after Devanshi refused to show up at his birthday party. Vardaan confronts her about lying that she went to the temple. Devanshi tried to explain that there is a reason behind her lie but Vardaan refused to believe her, saying that she always hides things from him. It ended with Vardaan smashing his and Devanshi's picture, which left Devanshi devastated as she broke down.


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In the coming episodes, Vardaan continues to blast Devanshi for lying to him. Devanshi sees Menka and Vardaan together which forces her to take action. Devanshi finds a clue regarding Bua and her true identity but something happens. Devanshi realises something that gives her immense joy. She rushes to tell Vardaan about it but a huge shock awaits her!


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How will Devanshi salvage her relationship with Vardaan? Will Kusum and Mohan succeed in their master plan?



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