Vaishnav family’s hopes dashed again! Sanskaar Weekly Recap 17th- 24th May
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Bhoomi had to face the family’s anger as the laptop refused to work during her presentation. But Kishan showed presence of mind and gave her the file in another pen drive, after which Bhoomi impressed everyone with her plan for Akshaya Tritiya. (Watch as Bhoomi wins everyone’s approval

After the presentation, Kishan slyly said ‘I Love You’ to Bhoomi, which came as a pleasant surprise to her. He also dared Bhoomi to kiss him in front of the whole family, which Bhoomi refused to do.

Bhoomi and Kishan started the work of making the invitation cards, and later Kishan showed Ansu Baa the pictures of the machinery, which made her happy about the mill’s reopening. 

Hasmukh tried to steal the original papers of the mill from Ansu Baa’s room. He succeeded, but was caught by Bhoomi while he was sneaking out of the room. (Watch as Bhoomi confronts Hasmukh) Kishan and Bhoomi were also surprised to see Hasmukh shaking hands with Amrutlal, and decided to investigate the matter.

Bhoomi gave the text for the invitation cards, but Ketki changed it at the last moment to Kishan and Bhoomi’s names instead of Ansu Baa’s, which caused an uproar in the family. (Watch as Kishan and Bhoomi get into trouble)

Bhoomi suspected Ketki once again as the printer confirmed that he had made the card as per the instructions. Parul and Karsan asked her not to worry, and finally Kishan and Bhoomi reworked the cards themselves to feature Ansu Baa’s name. (Watch as Kishan and Bhoomi correct the cards)

Ansu Baa was surprised when her invitees praised her for the cards, and was shocked to see the new cards bearing her name. She blessed Kishan for showing her respect, and just as everyone in the family was happy again, Amrutlal entered and declared that since the mill belonged to him, there would be no reopening on Akshaya Tritiya. (Watch as the announcement shocks the Vaishnav family)

Kishan tried to throw Amrutlal out, but he showed the original papers and told them that he had bought the mill for 25 lakh rupees. When Ansu Baa asked him who had sold the mill, he pointed out to Karsan, sending the family into a tizzy. (Watch as Karsan is shocked over the allegations)

Hasmukh, relieved over not being exposed by Amrutlal, started blaming Karsan for selling out the family for 25 lakhs, and breaking Ansu Baa’s trust. Kishan was about to confront Hasmukh over his meeting with Amrutlal, but Bhoomi stopped him. Just as Karsan was about to collapse under the accusations, Ansu Baa declared that she had full faith in him, and that she would find out who was the real culprit. (Watch as the family rallies around Karsan)

Kishan and Bhoomi decided that they would look for proof against Amrutlal and then confront Hasmukh. 

Will Kishan and Bhoomi succeed in fulfilling Ansu Baa’s dream of reopening the mill? Or will their dreams be burned down like last time?


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