Vaishnav family falls apart without Kishan! Sanskaar Recap 30th Aug- 6th Sept
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Ansubaa stopped Kishan and gave him his Dadaji’s belongings, including a charkha, a stove and a cradle, which made Kishan very emotional as he thought that it was the greatest wealth of the world. Kishan and Bhoomi started living in the courtyard of the house, while the rest of the family cried bitter tears

Hasmukh showed his true colours to Ankit and congratulated him for succeeding in doing what he had failed to do all these years. Ankit decided that he would become the MD of the mill, and Hasmukh supported him. 

Dilip was pained to see Kishan and Bhoomi’s condition, but Ramila accused Kishan of pretending to separate while living in the same house, after which Kishan drew a red line across the house and asked his family not to cross the line even if he died.

Ketki prepared a lot of sweets on the eve of Dilip’s birthday, but the family, who had seen Kishan and Bhoomi’s struggle to set up the stove and cook, was in no mood to eat anything and left the dinner table, making Ketki angry.

In the dead of the night, Kishan and Bhoomi saw Avni sneaking out of the house to end her life, and convinced her that she was not to blame. Kishan made her tie a rakhi to him, and sent her inside the house again. 

On Dilip’s birthday, Ketki was excited as she thought that Dilip would become the MD of the house, making her the Bahurani of the house. But Dilip refused to sit on the MD’s chair, prompting Ankit to take the chair. Karsan and Ansu Baa were opposed to this, but Hasmukh openly supported his son and accused Ansu baa of being partial towards Karsan. Kishan came to the office to give Dilip the car keys as a birthday gift, but Ankit snatched the keys and said that he would decide who the car would go to, since he was now the MD.

Back home, Ketki asked Parul to hand over the house keys to her as she was now the Bahu rani of the house, but was stunned when Ankit and Bharti entered the house as a married couple. The whole family asked Ankit about his hurry to get married, and he explained that he wanted to get married simply on the lucky day that he became the MD of the mill.

On hearing this, Ansu Baa announced that she was taking the maun vrat, and refused to speak anything as her words had no value. Ketki couldn’t bear the shock of Bharti becoming the Bahu rani, and collapsed on the floor. 

Bharti was gloating with Ankit about having the family in her clutches, and declared that now the Vaishnav family would do as she wished. On the other hand, Kishan and Bhoomi bought a small shop to start their business, and spruced up the little space to set up their office. 

Bharti apologized to Ramila and pretended to give the house keys back to her, but they were interrupted because the doctor had come to check Ketki. The family was very happy when they heard that Ketki was pregnant and even Dilip expressed happiness at this news. Kishan and Dilip both wanted to share their good news with each other, but were stopped by Ramila, who warned Dilip to stay away from Kishan. 

Ketki was pampered by the family and even Bharti declared that she would not let her work, and instead ordered Avni to cook food for the family, despite her protests. On the other hand, Kishan was upset that he had to do the puja in the office alone, when a woman gave him a lamp on behalf of her husband. Kishan recognized that it was Dadaji’s lamp, and was happy that Ansu baa had sent her blessings for him.

Dilip and Ankit had an argument when Dilip scolded Ankit for mortgaging the mill and the house to complete an order of 50 crores, and Dilip resigned when Ankit insulted him. At home, Bharti planned to make Ketki fall, and spilled Bhoomi’s colours on the floor. Bhoomi crossed the line when she saw Ketki about to fall, and saved her. Bharti tried to instigate Ketki against Bhoomi by accusing Bhoomi of spilling the colours and wanting to gain an entry inside the house by helping Ketki. Kishan heard this and finally realized that Bhoomi’s warnings about Bharti were true. 

Ketki supported Dilip when he told her about the resignation, and confided that she now understood that Bhoomi and Kishan were good people. The next day, Dilip went to Kishan and asked for a job, and Kishan readily gave him a job and welcomed him to his small business with a big hug. 

The Vaishnav family’s peace was shattered when Ankit announced that he would change the name of the mill to AV mills, and Bharti openly supported him. When Hasmukh tried to convince Ankit, he pushed him, shocking the whole family.

Will these problems increase till the Vaishnav family is destroyed, or will Kishan and Bhoomi work a miracle and save the family?

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