Urvashi maintaining double standards?
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  • December 30, 2012
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Imam's irritating behaviour  has ticked off each one of the housemates in some way or the other. While Rajev has always displayed his hatred towards Imam openly, Urvashi has not been too verbal about it. Apart from being Imam's friend and supporting him in the game just after his entry, there have been incidents when Urvashi has stepped back after declaring that she will not him bond with him ever again till the time he is in the house.

Just after Imam's verbal spat with Salman Khan. Uvrashi tells the housemates to stand together against Imam since the man does nothing but spread rot around. Hearing Uvashi, Rajev loses his cool instantly and tells her that it is always her who goes back on her word, when Urvashi snaps back at him and tells him that there are times when you need to stand together and do a particular task in unison (referring to the 'Kya dhoya,Kya paaya' task) but apart from that she has never really bonded with Imam personally.

Looks like before the housemates stand up in unison against Imam, they will have to patch their own differences which might make it too late for them to execute their plans.

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