Urvashi changes for the game!
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Urvashi Dholakia has been surviving the game from day one and has managed to find a few admirers despite the cold war between her Delnaaz and Aashka. Bigg Boss had assigned a task called ear in to Urvashi that enables her to listen to Bigg Boss via a mic that she wears much slyly. Her basic aim is to distract the housemates from performing the luxury budget task. Bigg Boss instructs Urvashi to make up with Aashka while she is in the washroom area.

Almost instantly, Urvashi walks out of the washroom and bumps right into Aashka Goradia. Urvashi went and fell on Aashka's shoulder and hugged her like she actually wanted to patch up with her. An emotional Aashka had no idea on what was cooking. Urvashi was unbelievably convincing and her acting was so natural that anyone would fall for her emotions. Urvashi started crying and Aashka took her to the bedroom to calm her down.

Once in the bedroom, Urvashi started apologising to Aashka and said things like nobody has called her an elder sister except for her and that she missed her while she was in the padosi house etc. A gullible Aashka fell for her nuisance and started explaining that she should have confessed earlier. Urvashi kept making up stories till she could.

In sometime, Aashka discusses her confrontation with Urvashi with Delnaaz and Sana. The trio start discussing about Urvashi' erratic confession and unforseen apology. Aashka gets confused on whether to forgive Aashka or not. Delnaaz and Sana tell her to think about it and do what her heart feels like.

Well, with so much chaos created, Urvashi sure does deserve a job well done for being a pure professional and an exciting entertainer.

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