‘UPMA’ is the new name for Upen-Karishma!
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  • January 17, 2015
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Yes! This weekend, besides grilling Karishma, there was Naam Karan done for the cupid struck duo! Farah while pulling leg Upen's leg asked if he would actually take KT to Paris and if it would be just his ‘Dost’ or many more 'Dosts' coming along.Upen innocently said it would just be Karishma and Karishma turned red *blush blush*!  Farah said now since the love story wasn’t hidden anymore, she would now call them UPMA, and this made everyone around giggle.Housemates were asked about their opinion on Karishma's performance as a captain during the week and all said that it was more of romance that was seen than the captaincy, which the gharwaalas expected. Farah, while appreciating Rahul said that he was a true winner of the Luxury budget task! And all applauded in unison. Another question that was bothering Farah was that why was Dimpy chosen for the tabaadla during the week? She also said that Sana and Dimpy’s swapping during the week was very wrong! You should have seen Sana’s face, who had fought so hard to be with the champions and finally became part of it.


One thing that I really liked about Farah Khan was her being so involved into the matters of the house. No doubt she has been an ardent fan of the show these many years which she always mentions,says she tries to follow the repeated telecast too! And now since she was hosting the show it was like adding cherry on cake, making it even more easy for her to judge the sahi and galat which she was fairly pulling off.


This week's Snapdeal caller of the week wanted to speak to Dimpy and gave her a pair of scissors saying she should cut off the strings to which she was attached in the house making her go weak. Dimpy agreed to it and promised she would do that and wouldn’t disappoint her fans outside. She also promised she would become strong like before. Let’s see if that happens.


Just before leaving the room I heard Rahul Mahajan going safe for the week. So, two more to go. Who would it be? Sana aur Sambhavana?


Keep watching Bigg Boss Halla Bol to see who is getting evicted this week.


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