Upen wants to take boys on a vacation!
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  • November 2, 2014
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Woohoo! So on one hand each contender is fighting hard to stay a week longer than the other, whereas on the other side, the boys in the house are having some other great plans! Having stayed for more than month in the house and deprived of all the luxuries, having kept-off from all sorts of modes of communications, they want to live their lives to the fullest once the show gets over. Boys will be boys! 


It so happened that when Upen gave an idea to go on for a long vacation to Praneet, Pritam and Ali. He was talking about how willingly he wants ‘em all to come to London( his home),followed by trip to Ibiza! Upen seemed to be in awe completely when he mentioned Spain! 


Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I doubt their camaraderie. Are they really such great buddies that even after going home that they will turn the dreams and plans to action.  Or its like ‘Hawa mein teer chodna?Also ever since U-pain ah! I mean Upen has become the captain, he is been seen at his best, especially when he becomes ‘A Satyavaadi.’ Not required Upen! You can just be what you are, and then you will come across as more genuine. Do


Why do they need to be reminded every week that Bigg Boss knows everything!


*rolls her eyes*




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