Upen miffed with Gautam again!
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  • December 9, 2014
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It was now  Upen and Gautam's turn to invite their friends from the industry and in between the duo got into a small dispute.  Upen was highly upset with Gautam acting selfish for the Nutella bottles and was not willing to share it with the housemates but calling it personal. A simple mention of it again put Upen completely off and agitated on Gautam. As if he was just waiting for a chance wherein he could yell at Gautam pointing that his attitude was so wrong. Gautam was still in a light hearted mood and said he was just trying to crack a joke. As the two were having a conversation Upen got more upset when Gautam said Upen has a language problem. But Gautam controlling himself said he didn’t mean to make him feel inferior in that case but again to have some fun as he considers Upen to be a good friend.

Not too sure if Upen felt better after listening to all that, because immediately after the two came out Upen looked angry as he bitched about Gautam’s behavior with Praneet and Pritam and the latter two supported him saying there was nothing new to that and that they couldn’t help much with his nature!




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