Upen compares KT to the great ‘Taj Mahal’ *Faint*
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  • January 22, 2015
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Before I start talking about what Upen feels for Karishma, I must tell you something hilarious that I saw- Sambhavna turned into a seductress once again as she spoke to Pritam, who had applied face pack. She mimicked out Mahek once again, and an over exaggerated one at that, as she said,“Pritam! Aakhir tum finale ke kareeb aa hi gaye!”.
Meanwhile, Upen and Karishma were busy in their own little fairy tale. So the Hero said to the Heroine “Tum itni sundar ho ki Bigg Boss har waqt tumhe hi bulaate hain, maine toh itni khubsurat ladki apni life mein nahi dekhi.” Do I need to say what was KT’s reaction? And then what Upen said almost killed me. He compared her beauty to ‘Taj Mahal’, I mean ain’t that way too much?  *Is still recovering from the shock!*
Then suddenly Upen demanded a kiss from KT, and when she refused something unusual happened. Ali and Upen packed bags telling her that Upen was leaving the house. Ali was all in support of Upen, strangely yesterday he was expressing grief for KT’s boyfriend (Who she kept referring to, for the entire season) who was outside and today he was all happy about it? Isn’t that hypocrisy?

Upen took all the bags and baggage and reached the main gate. Karishma ran following him! But what happened after that? Did Upen get what he wanted?

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