Upen asks Karishma out!
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  • November 5, 2014
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And once again I caught two people in the house having top secret baatein, which they still feel is just between the two. Sshhh! But, Khabri gets to know everything.


It was interesting to watch Upen getting little flirty with Karishma. Oooo! Well, who doesn’t know that Upen likes wondering around the beauties in the house often (grins) Being a good friend, he didn’t approach the pretty lady immediately, but asked her about the guys in the past, who tried approaching her, and what tactics were used to sweep her off her feet? To which Karish, very innocently, said, she turned down the offers because as per her, she got the offers mostly during those times when she was dating someone or the other, Oh I see!!! 

Gathering a little more courage, Upen asked, what if he asked her out? (Which I completely felt he was doing!). With an expected expression and very diplomatically Karishma answered, since she is Upen’s friend she wouldn’t mind, and saying that she immediately turned the topic. Upen wanted to say a little more but he opted to scribble something on her hand, and Karishma laughed it out saying ‘Naam toh bataya hi nahi’…Hmmm what does that mean Karishma? I also remember you had once shown interest in Upen. This gets me thinking now! Will this all bring some more inside scoops in future?



Time for some coffee!!



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