Unraveling Mysteries: BB8, Synopsis Episode 3
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  • September 24, 2014
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Relief came to the passengers for the first time in the journey, as the Secret Society relieved them from all their tasks.

Passengers breathed a sigh of relief and jumped with joy as soon as the announcement was made. Aarya and Sony who were fasting for over 24 hours to fulfil the ‘Qurbani’ task were elated as they ate along with the rest of the co-passengers. Minisha and Sukirti will not have to cycle anymore for water as the supply had been resumed. The freedom was celebrated unconventionally by humming songs like ‘Aaj Blue Hai Paani Paani’ & ‘Party All Night’ as they washed their clothes and took a shower.

Cupid seems to have struck passengers of this flight. And the latest victims Gautam and Diandra seem to be lost in conversation and getting close on this wearying journey. Where on one side love has been blooming, on the other side the evil reality of evictions have begun to loom as Aarya and Karishma discuss the possibility of deplaning other co-passengers.

Day 3 seemed to be a day full of blissful surprises for the passengers as after relieving them from the “Qurbaniyan” tasks, the Secret Society also announced the opportunity to be upgraded on the Business Class on Flight BB08. While the Secret Society ordered for group consensus on two deserving candidates to be upgraded, they overruled them in their choice. Praneet and Sony were the chosen ones to  move to the Business Class.

The day ended on a good note, as the Secret Society also opened out the kitchen for the passengers.

Furthermore, Bigg Boss in tonights’s episode will also reveal the members of the mysterious Secret Society! After days of suspense the audience will finally see the three members comprising this privileged fraternity. But those who still remain in the dark would be the 12 passengers as the Secret Society will continue to control their fate. Members of the Secret Society have been observing the passengers and would voice their candid opinions about each one of them from time to time.

Delivering the promise of unpredictable twists, the next big twist was revealed in terms of nominations and voting lines. Unlike previous seasons, voting lines will remain open only for 24 hours and not for five days. The results will be announced by Salman Khan on the Saturday episode and one contestant will be evicted thereby.

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