Uncut: Sukirti consoles upset Natasa!
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  • September 30, 2014
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Natasa felt bad when she realised that the her team is not putting enough efforts to win today's task. We heard Sukriti consoling Natasa, she said: “It's a game and we wanted to play, we have played as much as we could. Don't feel guilty we had less resources and our team member were not putting enough efforts. The other team's attitude of playing wasn't correct either. But don't feel bad about it as it will cause unnecessary fights. You and I can play till someone let's us play. But we can't play with empty walls.” 

Natasa interrupted, “But what about my skin?”

“I know sweetheart! It was the toughest for you. But if you don't like a thing yourself, you will never do it to others! I know you were tortured yesterday. But the thing is that if they are stopping us, don't do it. Because if you will do it forcefully, it will cause fights. You want to fight? No, right? It's a game, forget it! Remember someone higher is looking at us and all of this. It is not always about winning and losing, it is about doing the right thing. We are much higher than others because we bore the most throughout this task. Don't feel guilty otherwise you will start perceiving people differently. There are lots of attitude, people and barriers that you have to overlook, you do what your duty is! Our team members do not want to play, it is a weak team. But we are not torturing them means we are more human. It's not your issue, leave it,” Sukirti concluded.

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