Uncut: First Task of Bigg Boss 8 is here – QURBANIYAA!
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And here it is the first task of Bigg Boss 8, ‘Qurbaniyaa’. Bigg Boss gives power  to the secret society to decide the contestants they think should get their luggage from the baggage and which of them will have to ‘Qurbaan’ their well kept secrets from their luggage.

The Secret Society chose six contestants to go through the agnee pariksha of answering some difficult questions. The other six, who didn’t get their baggage were Praneet Bhat, Upen Patel, Sushant Digvikar, Diandra Soares, Karishma Tanna and Minissha Lamba.

Here’s the uncut and unedited list of questions, some of which wasn’t even shown in the episode, asked by the Secret Society.


Who do think is the least intelligent contestant in the Bigg Boss House?  

I think Gautam is the least intelligent contestant

Who do you think is your biggest Competitor in the Bigg Boss House? 

I think we all are here to compete and everyone is a competitor for me


Rank all the ladies of the house from the Most beautiful to the least beautiful of all

I think Natasha would be the first one followed by Karishma, Sonali, Sukriti, Minissha, Soni and Diandra on the seventh

You have been in a lot of relationships do you regret breaking a girl’s heart

That would have to be my last girlfriend with whom I was in a relationship with 2 years back. I think I was really bad to her and I regret breaking up with her. I still miss her and think about her at times.


Who has the most negative attitude in the Bigg Boss House?

I think negative is a very strong word. But, because I don’t know Sonali that well, I will take her name.

Any past deed due to which you and your parents felt insulted?

Yes, there is an incident. I was in the sixth standard, I gave my exams and failed miserably. That time I thought I really had let my family down.


Whom do you think you would have a fight with, in the Bigg Boss house?

I think Sonali and Minissha would be the first ones

Who do you think doesn’t like you here in the Bigg Boss House?

I think Sonali doesn’t like me here


Who is the most fake contestant of the house?

Sonali, because I don’t know her that well.

Have you done any illegal activity in your life ever?

No, I haven’t gone against the law


Who is the bossiest fellow inmates inside the Bigg Boss House?

I think Diandra because she is older to me but still I like her

Whom do you hate the most?

I would say Minissha, as she is the only one I had the least interaction with.

Based on these answers, the Secret Society decided to give luggage to all the contestants except Praneet and Diandra. According to the decision makers, the answers given by both these contestants were unimpressive.

If you had the power, who would you choose as the most impressive and unimpressive character in the house.

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