Udann Spoiler: Vivaan distances himself from Chakor; sides with Bhaiyaji
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All is not going well for Chakor since her return to Azaadgunj. After losing the marathon run a few weeks back, now Chakor’s friend Vivaan has also switched sides.

Only a few days ago, Vivaan was seen getting into an argument with Chakor wherein he was seen telling her that all ties between them had broken and that the only relationship that they shared henceforth was that of a bandhua and his master. Hearing this new development in Vivaan’s life, Bhaiyaji seemed very excited and gifted Vivaan his favorite watch and offered him to run the entire silk business after bringing Tina home for lunch.

who has already been seen flirting with Vivaan in the past, jumps at the proposition and deliberately takes permission from the coach to visit Vivaan’s house in the presence of Chakor to get her jealous.

Chakor who is now all set to win back her lost glory is seen practicing very hard for the marathon race. Despite her coach’s suggestion to skip the next match to avoid any further embarrassment, Chakor decides to take the challenge head on and is seen putting her 100 percent in the practice races.

While the distance between Chakor and Vivaan is growing by the day, Bhaiyaji’s impression of Vivaan is changing because of his involvement and enthusiasm towards helping him out with his work. First he gets Mahesh to sign the bandhua papers without any violence and then saves him a huge amount on taxes. Vivaan’s sudden involvement and his ability to ace at his work, further prompts Bhiayaji to get him involved in his other transactions.

With this change of chemistry and budding of new relationships, will this be the end of Chakor and Vivaan’s relationship? With Chakor having no one by her side, will she be able to bring out Bhaiyaji’s real face out in the public? Will Chakor be next on Vivaan’s list?

Stay tuned to find out.

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