Udann Spoiler: Chakor to lose marathon for Imli’s freedom?
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  • March 31, 2016
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On finding out about Tejaaswini drugging Vivaan, Chakor warns Ranjana to keep her son away from Tejaswini.

On one hand, while Chakor is trying to cure Vivaan of his addiction, on the other she is trying to get Bhaiyaji to pay for his crimes. Bhaiyaji who is known for his revengeful nature wants Chakor to face defeat and offers Chakor, Imli’s freedom in exchange of her losing the marathon run. When Sooraj comes to know about the proposal, he gets really angry with Bhaiyaji who consoles him by offering to bring in more girls like Imli for him.

While celebrations are going on full swing in the haveli after the agricultural minister’s son’s arrival, Sooraj forces Imli to dance in front of the guests. On Imli’s refusal to comply, Sooraj threatens Imli of dire consequences if she fails to listen to his orders.

Chakor is furious with Imli’s behavior and it’s only when Imli professes her situation to her, that Chakor realizes the brevity of the matter.

Will Chakor be willing to lose the marathon run in exchange of Imli’s freedom? Or is this one of Bhaiyaji’s plans to humiliate Chakor and get back at her for ruining his image in the media?

Stay tuned to find out.

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