Udann Spoiler: Bhuvan informs Bhaiyaji of Aditya’s involvement
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Chakor is back and she is hell bent on getting even with Bhaiyaji as he is the sole reason why the villagers dare say anything against him. Chakor unable to prove Bhaiyaji’s hand behind bonded labor in Azaadgunj, decides to teach him a lesson in her own little way.

She announces to the people of Azaadgunj in the presence of media that Bhaiyaji is planning to dig 10 new wells and set up a hospital in the village in which treatment for the locals would be provided free for the next ten 10 years.

Bhaiyaji who is a little rattled by now realizes that Chakor is getting some inside support from the media because of which she is able to stand up against him in public. In order to find out who that person in the media is, Bhaiyaji sends Imli to follow Chakor but to his disappointment Aditya doesn’t turn up as he gets stuck with some official work.

Next Bhaiyaji turns his attention towards Bhuvan and threatens him to find out who that mystery person is in exchange of Imli’s safety. Bhuvan who is swept with nostalgia thinking about the good times he has spent with his daughter decides to help in exchange of Imli’s safety.

In order to find out the truth, Bhuvan prasies Chakor for her efforts and asks her to invite the ‘friend’ who has been helping her out in her battle against Bhaiyaji. Excitedly, Chakor decides to call Aditya over for dinner. On one hand, while Chakor is enjoying the dinner with Aditya and her family, Bhuvan informs Bhaiyaji about the mystery man. 

Will Chakor be able to find out Bhuvan’s plan and foil it before it’s too late? Or will Aditya face the wrath of Bhaiyaji?

Don’t forget to tune into Udann to find out what happens next.

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