Twists in the tale and dollops of Drama!
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Little do we like to see something that doesn’t make us think ‘What’s next?’ and just when you think of spinning your own view on the story, Bam! Our characters stun you with a situation that you wouldn’t have thought of before. That’s right, we love Drama! And this week there is going to be fireworks  around it.


Nah! We are not talking rocket science. You may think otherwise but we give our ‘Kasam’. While Rishi is leaving no stone unturned to make sure he gets married to Tanvi, even though he has to elope to make that happen and leave Tanu at the mandap. It will indeed be a sight to watch what happens when Tanvi gains consciousness and realizes that this has been done against her will. Despite her love for Rishi, will she still stand by the word she gave to Raaj or will Rishi and Tanvi’s love culminate into a marriage? Will Pawan’s reality be exposed or will effort to stop Pawan and Tanvi’s marriage fail?


And this is just the beginning, it is no mystery that within ruins treasure is found and a series of conflicts leads to a love story, just like in ‘Krishnadasi’. The pulsating hatred of Aaradhya for Pradyumn is shortly punctuated, when she speaks in his support in the court and goes against Aryan. Aryan’s anger knows no bounds and he disowns Aaradhya from being his wife and presents her with the divorce papers which were signed by her initially. What will be the course of Aaradhya’s actions now? Will she give up on her quest or will she continue to persist? Will the demise of her mother change situations for her in Krishna Niwas for the better or the worst?

But doesn’t all this trial lead to finding some ‘Shakti?’ The wedding bells have rung in and Saumya is about to get married to Harman. There is too much disagreement surrounding his marriage and Preeto is not in support of this. Meanwhile, Nimmi is worried that Maninder shouldn’t spoil Saumya’s wedding function and warns him about the same. Her motherly emotions show up when she applies haldi on Saumya’s hand. Will these celebrations be short lived? Or will Nimmi be able to get Saumya married to Harman without any trouble caused by Maninder?



All this is just going to leave you with more to wonder and watch for. So do not miss out on the shows this week as the plan to twist  your emotions in a whole new manner, we promise you it’s going to be worth the ‘Drama!’

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